These Technology Features on the Ford Fusion Energi Are Revolutionary

Metro Ford Sales Inc. is pleased to showcase the Ford Fusion Energi. This has become quite the popular plug-in hybrid primarily because of how fun and easy it is to drive. It seamlessly transitions from electric to gas as needed. In addition, it has a number of technological features that are very useful.

With the pre-collision assistant, you will have another set of eyes on the road looking out for you at all times. If there is a concrete object in front of you, the system will warn you and immediately apply the brakes if necessary. This is a feature that can save lives.

With the SmarGauge, you also have the technology that you need to drive your plug-in hybrid even more efficiently. That is the key to getting the best use possible out of the car. The screen is customizable to your taste. When you visit Metro Ford Sales Inc., you are more than welcome to take the Ford Fusion Energi for a test drive.


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