The second generation new Ford C-Max in Schenectady is a five-seater MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). The new Ford C-Max in Schenectady comes with a choice of six athletic engines in Titanium or Titanium X trims and Zetec variants. One of this year’s standout features in the new Ford C-Max is SYNC 3. It is Ford’s latest, top of the line technology that delivers improved voice commands and offers better functions. It has an enhanced user interface with larger buttons to facilitate quick and easy interaction. The color touchscreen allows quick and intuitive navigation with its pinch-and-swipe gestures that mirror smart phones. SYNC 3 offers Apple’s CarPlay, Android Auto and APPLink that can display your smart phone’s data on the screen. Ford’s SYNC 3 technology comes with Emergency Assistance that has the ability to call for help in the event of an accident.


The new Ford C-Max also features Active Park Assist, which is innovative technology designed to increase ease in parking. With the push of a button, the system’s sensors will not only measure the spaces while you drive by, but will also help steer you in the right direction, using video and audio signals. Parking sensor will ensure that you park at a safe distance away from the neighboring car. Ford has ensured that the features offered across all the 2019 C-Max variants will not only make them fun but safe to drive.



Among the many safety highlights offered in the new Ford C-Max is The Driver Alert System. This system tracks your alertness behind the wheel and sends out a signal in case it senses that you need to take a break. Some of these safety features include the following. The Blind Spot Information System employs RADAR sensors will detect and alert you about any vehicles in your blind spot. Ford’s Hill Start Assist will help you start or stop your car on a slope with added ease. It applies pressure on the braking system, facilitating a 2 to 3 second delayed start. You are provided with the same assistance when starting or stopping on slippery surfaces as well. The Active Braking technology kicks in at speeds over 30pmh. The system employs RADAR to constantly scan the road ahead and if an obstacle is detected, you will be warned. As a fail-safe, in case you don’t heed the warning, the technology will automatically start the braking motion to assist you in slowing down. Below 30mph, the Active City Stop system takes over so you have braking assistance irrespective of the what speed you are driving at.



The new Ford C-Max is a powerful machine with enhanced steering sensitivity and is an overall smooth drive. If you need a compact MPV but one that is more spacious and practical, then 2019’s Ford C-Max is your car. Visit  Metro Ford, your Ford Dealer in Schenectady to know more about the 2019 Ford C-Max.

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